Confidential Psychotherapy, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Therapy in Hampton

Start the road to self-discovery, to restore your truth Divine nature. Have a freedom from anxiety, anger, depression, addictions. Get into alignment with Divine Source of Creator. Become an investment in your future clarity of mind.

Lina Elijose Psychotherapist

Lina Elijose

ADCH, PsyDip, Cert. C, Pos Psy

I provide Contemporary Psychotherapy, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Mentorship. Specialising in helping people to recover from traumatic life experiences, find relief from anxiety and depression, break free from addiction habits. To gain control over your current life. 

When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to face reality and discover our true, unconditioned essence within. If you could look beyond your ego structured mind what would you see? 

Emotional healing is a great journey of your life – a journey of remembering who you are and why you are here. It is through this remembering that we can make the connection to our essence, that is vital for our inner happiness and contentment. I hold a safe, non-judgemental and compassionate space for you to explore yourself and feel empowered to take responsibility and action for your authentic self-descovering. 

Shift mindset

When your coping skills fail you, having sense that you are feeling disconnected, your life gets constricted…

Allow space

Grief is a natural response to loss, you can experience all natural emotions from shock, anger to disbelief, and guilt…


Stress is often defined as a bodily response to the demands of life. It is not a conscious choice, it is a learned response…


Painful experiences leave a deep imprint on the nervous system, making it physiological rather than psychological…

make a choice

Addictions are learnt survival strategies, which means that it has special unconscious meaning and is too strong to handle… 

Foster Growth

Not having relationship with our self we seek to fulfil that emptiness from partner, early childhood attachment issues…


Hypnotherapy can help to change your thinking and feeling process, by using the power of your unconscious mind…

Enlightened mind

Who are you underneath all the difficulties that you are facing ? By connecting to your higher-self, your awareness will expand…

“By not allowing our ego to be blind us, we can open a window into higher consciousness, enabling us to meet our true unconditioned Self”

Lina Elijose

Based on your circumstance I can adapt and work with you on a short or long-term therapy basis. I specialise in a wide range of therapeutic approaches, meaning that you will achieve the desired outcome faster than having a "talk therapy".

I see clients face-to-face in Hampton practice room and I also provide therapy session via ZOOM